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Now a biennial event, the Philippine Permaculture Convergence is the biggest gathering of permaculture advocates in the country. This is the time when members, partners, artists, conservationists, eco-activists, environmentalists, academics, experts, students and volunteers coalesce and exchange energies. Everyone is encouraged to share their initiatives to inspire others to connect with other practitioners, in search of solutions to current environmental and social problems. It is the orderly chaos of simultaneous and contiguous happenings eventually synergizing into a powerhouse. Everyone leaves with a deeper mind, lighter heart and eager hands.

Southeast Asian Permaculture Convergence

2nd Southeast Asian Permaculture Convergence (SEAPC 2015) served as a platform to advocate permaculture as an effective means to mitigate the disastrous occurrences in our present ecological state. With the theme ―Best Permaculture Practices in Response to Common Disasters. Participants were encouraged to reflect on how permaculture, when applied to practices in fertility, habitat, and social fabric can contribute to a healthier climate and a stable environment capable of yielding abundance. Participants also had the chance to interact and integrate their knowledge on the guided workshops to produce possible solutions to common disasters. Aside from the main conference, side activities were also set up to enrich the whole experience. The Techno Island, divided in four sections (grow, make, prepare, protect), became a venue for demonstrations of sustainable technologies. It was opened to the public for more people to learn and appreciate these grassroots technologies. The public also enjoyed a bazaar promoting organic produce and innovative products. Musical performances kept the energy going. Every night, a community music jamming was held participated by notable local musicians, artists and thespians.

2nd Philippine Permaculture Convergence (Permakulturang Pilipino Patungo sa Pagkakaisa)

PPC 2018 was conceptualized based on four subject tracks coined by Landa F. Jocano(2008) Filipino Value Systems - A Cultural Definition: BUTI - Permaculture is a system that protects what’s good in the natural environment. Doing good is based on the concept of feeling great in the spaces where we dwell and work. PAMANATAYAN, the concept of generating eco-system based abundance, should be measured, shared, and sustained for generations. HALAGA or worth, importance, evaluation or assessment does not just put meaning to the other Filipino core values but also provides an opportunity to further improve and take things to the net level. Permaculture is about processing thoughts, how we value relations and the deeds that will generate ecological abundance for all. GANDA encompasses everything that is to be pursued. What is beautiful must be realized with collaboration, extensively manifested over prolonged period while intensely maintained not just by value implementers but the entire population as well.

3rd Philippine Permaculture Convergence (PERMAKULTURA: PAGSALUNGAT SA NAKAGAWIAN - Sama-samang Pagharap sa Nagbabagong Klima)

The Philippine Permaculture Association, in cooperation with KBoom, the Holy Name University, and Bohol Island State University explored the theme of “NBAU” during its 3rd Permaculture Convergence. The venue was in Tagbilaran, Bohol. We have explored themes of sustainable tourism, green building, and abundance farming visa-vis the current ways of “Business as Usual”. We have invited local speakers who have fi rst hand information and insights. We have also focused on some action-packed adventures that participants can dip their hands into understanding better what the “Not BusinessAs-Usual” approach is all about

3rd Philippine Permaculture Convergence

November 22-24, 2019 
Holy Name University, Tagbilaran Bohol

Registration fees are inclusive of convergence kit, program book, meals (excluding breakfast) from November 22-24, 2019, field trip and certificates.

On-site/Regular Rate: Php 4,500
Early Bird Rate: Php 4,000 (on or before Sept. 30, 2019)

4th Philippine Permaculture Convergence – Pagtatalaga ng Mas Mahusay na Kagagawian

Permaculture taught us to read the signs of the time, adapt to the changes being brought about and design resilient systems to combat or mitigate its ill effects. We shall bend with the gale, but our resolve will not break. The golden age of permaculture has been ushered in, neither pandemic nor calamity will tarnish its luster.

In line with PPA’s continuous commitment to its advocacy, the team decided to push through with the convergence, albeit using a different medium. Ushering in a different era of seminars and workshops, PPA designed this convergence as interactive as possible. The success of the event relied on the willingness of the participants to put their 2 cents in and brainstorm what permaculture advocates can do to combat or mitigate the physical, psychological, and emotional effects of Covid-19 and the perennial problem that is climate change.

3rd Philippine Permaculture Convergence

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