Permaculture Tidbits

Permaculture is multi-faceted. Read on to discover more.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is mainly the art of designing human habitation and gardens according to the way nature designs or creates systems.

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Philippine Permaculture Association

Philippine Permaculture Association

The Philippine Permaculture Association (PPA), promoting Permaculture since 2000, works with different sectors towards sustainable development.

Experiencing healing properties of plants

All medicines are either derived from or inspired by nature. Did you know that 74% of them come from plants? The other 26% come from other aspects of nature, such as fungi and bacteria. From the blood sugar-regulating insulin plant to ginger’s various benefits, it is general knowledge that plants have different cures for different maladies. However, as permaculturists, we need to think bigger, think systems! Plants not only provide healing properties unto our bodily ailments, but they can provide healing effects to the mind and soul too! That feeling of peace and clarity that we get when we walk in nature, positively affects our psyche and well-being. These are the reasons why permaculture is beautiful! Permaculture doesn’t just promote the sustainable sustenance of nature’s stewards, but it is also instrumental to the healing and maintenance of their health. Permaculture encourages us to succumb to the beauty and complexity of plants!

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