Permaculture Tidbits

Permaculture is multi-faceted. Read on to discover more.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is mainly the art of designing human habitation and gardens according to the way nature designs or creates systems.

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Philippine Permaculture Association

Philippine Permaculture Association

The Philippine Permaculture Association (PPA), promoting Permaculture since 2000, works with different sectors towards sustainable development.

The arrival of Covid-19 changed the lives of everyone. We have become too dependent on what we can buy from the groceries and supermarkets for our food. When the pandemic struck us, we were caught off guard. The sickness is not only the problem but also food security. Although most felt helpless, we can look at the brighter side of this situation, certain changes are happening, and one particular is the unlocking of our natural talent for growing plants and turning small areas in our homes into green spaces. Food gardening is one of the things we’ve learned and continue to learn during this time, giving us a new view of how we should do things differently. It doesn’t require a lot of space, as long as you have healthy soil made from your kitchen scraps through composting, a seed or a cutting from the vegetable you bought for dinner, and a container from the recycle bin. This led people to rediscover their green thumb and start inexpensive ways of propagating and planting. See MoreSee Less

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Permaculture Program in Isabela, Philippines

About seven years ago, in cooperation with the province of Isabela and Antwerp in Belgium, Cabiokid Foundation managed the…

Protected Land and Seascapes

In the Philippines there are laws governing the protection of areas of utmost natural beauty or which deserve our conservation.

House and Garden of Django Valmores

A forestry major and his helpers create nature-based livelihood in an 800-square-meter space occupied by a house blended in a secret garden.