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The Philippine Permaculture Association in cooperation with Kaboom and the Holy Name University will explore the theme of “NBAU” during its 3rd Permaculture Convergence. The venue will be in Tagbilaran, Bohol. Get real, get excited and join us in a fun exploration of what we can do to continue living in peace and abundance on the 7,641 islands. See you all there!


Permaculture or “permanent culture” takes its cue from the lessons that teach us how everything in nature works perfectly. However, to enable us to see this, we may have to drop our traditionally boxed-in thinking that has led us astray for so many generations. The concept of the overly powerful human is fast fading in the face of the changing climate. No engineering can help us reverse that; only nature can and only if we are willing to change the rules of the game. The “Not-Business-as-Usual” (NBAU) is a concept that is embedded in permaculture, which is contrary to our modern economy, where money-and abstract human invention-is dictating the course of action, as to where nature is the guiding platform for human actions. Sustainability can be achieved by understanding and aligning our actions alongside nature.  NBAU is anchored on natural strategies and principles, which will guide us into building resilient and sustainable communities.


The convergence aims to explore themes of sustainable tourism, green building and abundance farming and how we can create resilience and adaptation in our communities. The more data are being released about the changing climate, the more we steer towards adaptation as the only remaining action to get out of the mess that we’ve created. Therefore, local speakers, will share information and insights on the topic of deep adaptation based on their first-hand experiences. There will also be some action-packed adventures that participants can dip their hands into while getting a better understanding of what the “Not-Business-as-Usual” is all about.

We invite permaculture and environmental practitioners, to submit and share their applications and stories on how they improved their alliance with nature, while generating abundance.

"Permaculture: A Not-Business-As-Usual Approach"
Let's Face the New Climate Together



Nature Knows Best


Best Practices


Systems Thinking Way of Life



Janssen Heights, Dampas District, 6300      Tagbilaran City, Bohol

*There will be a field trip during the third day on selected areas in Bohol


Registration fees are inclusive of convergence kit, program book, meals (excluding breakfast) from November 22-24, 2019, field trip and certificates. 

On-site/Regular Rate: Php 4,500                                                                        

Early Bird Rate: Php 4,000 (on or before Sept. 30, 2019)

Registration fees can be paid through bank deposit or Dragon pay. For bank deposit, please pay through:


Account Name: The Philippine Permaculture Association, Inc.

Account Number: 000-1500-27102

Please send a copy of the deposit slip to 

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