Permaculture integration in the
Ecological & Social Fabric: Dumingag

Crafting Ordinances using the Permaculture Framework

Cagayan River

Riparian Ecosystem is where the aquatic ecosystems and terrestrial ecosystem meet. It is teeming with different life forms celebrating the abundance of water. It also acts as safety nets from the rise of water during typhoon seasons.

PPA was able to take on projects along the Cagayan River and coastal area in Isabela highlighting design of BIO-DIVERSITY in the riparian ecosystem.

the story of Ale-ale Ecopark:

Have you heard of greening the desert? Maybe note needed in the Philippines. Unfortunately, despite its lush tropical rainforest ecosystem, there are a number of spaces that are turning into deserts due to overexploitation of its natural resources. For what?  Ever wondered why the green color is association with money? Maybe because it came from trees and all the other forms of life sacrificed to acquire it. 

But there it does not end there. We have to trust that nature has the capacity and power to rehabilitated itself of course with a kind human intervention. Share the story Ale-ale Ecological Park, and discover how a barren and almost deserted 3.9 hectares of land gained its life back and regenerated into a paradise. 

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