Cooperation and Enterprising


Organic Highway aims to strengthen local markets by strengthening and enhancing local production of organic produce. It also works towards ethical and informed  consumption by creating platforms for exchanges of information and products made from organic materials using traditional techniques.. 


Permaculture-based enterprise follows a 4-P Process:
- Protection
- Production
- Processing
- Promotion
Protection of the welfare of people and the environment is the starting and ending point in these enterprises. Banking on and securing bio-diversity is the core of its ethos.

Why pgs than organic certification?

Participatory Guarantee System is an integrative approach to ensure the safety of our food production. It involves various stakeholders from different facets of life such as farmers, consumers, organic practitioners and advocates.

In 2017, PPA in cooperation with Isabela Permaculture Development Center (IPDC) and the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist  of Province of Isabela jumpstarted PGS-Isabela.

Permaculture Life Essentials

Why Buy Local?

Why Buy Organic?

Why Buy Artisanal?




Self-Sufficiency through DIY

Gone had been the days when life skills are being harnessed to provide for people’s basic needs. Permaculture creates sustainability by taking back the power of creating something. Tapping into the talents that are instrinsically to creatively provide for ourselves, all we have to do is be informed and harness it!

Ready to say good bye to malls days?