Education and Promotion

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School of Life

The School of Life concept is not a physical space but it is comprised of courses & trainings creating local platforms to share the skills that we need to meet our basic needs. From crafting your own house, producing your own food, making your own musical instruments, or brewing your own medicine. It builds up on the idea of life-long learning from nature, interactions and indigenous wisdom. Education is found not only in formal schools.

Permaculture Learning Resource Center

Permaculture Learning Resource Centers (PLRCs) are hubs that offers training and demonstration of Permaculture practices. PLRCs are results of collaboration with cooperatives, supported by local government.

Shaping the Landscape Cooperatively

PPA acknowledge how our collective efforts shape the ecological landscape. It partners with cooperatives to initiate Permaculture-based enterprises that has working environments where intrinsic life skills thrive from sharing knowledge with each other alongside securing means of production that is gentle to the nature.

Curriculum Integration

PPA partners with educational institutions in enhancing fields of study that focuses on life using the Permaculture framework. Indeed Permaculture is interwoven in different facets. The collaborations are being energize by the creativity of the youth.